Join the Pit Crew!
Jan 18, 2023 11,237


Hey Racers!


Are you a streamer or content creator who wants to be more involved in KartRider: Drift? Well check out all the information on our partnership program, Pit Crew!


What Is Pit Crew?


Pit Crew is a program where streamers and content creators can sign up to receive special rewards, giveaway opportunities, special promotion on our social channels, and even more! You may be familiar with Bean Brigade for MapleStory, or Soul Streamers for Mabinogi. Pit Crew is that program for KartRider: Drift! 


Who Can Join the Pit Crew?


Anyone can apply! However, there are a few requirements to be admitted to the program. These requirements change depending on the type of content creator, so make sure you head over to the main Pit Crew page for more information