Mid-Season 1 Patch Notes
Apr 5, 2023 12,586

Mid-Season 1 Patch Notes KartRider Drift

Learn about the changes that have come to KartRider: Drift with the April 5 (PT) update!

Kart Upgrade Changes

  • Adjusted the maximum upgrade values per stat for the following Karts.
    Kart Performance Fine Rare
    Macan GTS Speed 6 7
    Acceleration 4 5
    Boost Acceleration 6 7
    Boost Duration 4 5
    Saber Speed 6 7
    Acceleration 5 6
    Boost Acceleration 5 6
    Boost Duration 4 5
    Burst Speed 4 5
    Acceleration 6 7
    Boost Acceleration 6 7
    Boost Duration 4 5
    Solid Speed 6 7
    Acceleration 4 5
    Boost Acceleration 5 6
    Boost Duration 5 6
    Marathon Speed 5 6
    Acceleration 4 5
    Boost Acceleration 5 6
    Boost Duration 6 7
    • All other karts can upgrade each stat 5 times for Fine karts and 6 times for Rare karts.
  • Upgrades for all Karts have been reset, and Gears refunded.
  • Upgrade Reset cost has been reduced to 5,000 Lucci for all kart tiers (down from 7,000 Lucci for Fine karts and 15,000 Lucci for Rare karts).
  • Gear slots are no longer visible on Common karts.

New Game Mode: Factory Run

Factory Run KartRider Drift

  • A new Item Mode variant where 4 Racers team up to defeat 36 AI-controlled Androids. Stay ahead of the Androids chasing you and seize victory!
  • Each Factory Run race consists of 5 laps, where the bottom 8 remaining racers will be eliminated at the end of Laps 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    • Eliminated AI-controlled Androids will stop in place, wherever they are. Be careful on subsequent laps, as running into them is a quick path to elimination!
    • Eliminated Racers will become Androids themselves, and have the opportunity to sabotage their former teammates. Held items are also reset on the team change.
  • After each lap, the AI-controlled Androids will gain speed, and the Androids grow larger as well.
  • Win Condition: A player-controlled Racer is the first to cross the Lap 5 Finish Line!
  • Lose Conditions:
    • All members of the Racer team are eliminated and become Androids.
    • An Android (whether AI or Racer controlled) crosses the Lap 5 Finish Line first.
    • Even if the Racer team wins, Racers that are eliminated and become Androids will still lose.
  • Instead of using their own personalized characters and karts, Factory Run mode uses a set group of characters and karts:
    • Racer 1: Dao, driving the Tunnelmaster kart.
    • Racer 2: Bazzi, driving the Plasma PT kart.
    • Racer 3: Vivi, driving the Road Roller kart.
    • Racer 4: Marid, driving the Midnight Wave kart.
    • Individual kart upgrades and liveries do not apply during Factory Run.
  • Mini-map, Rearview Mirror, and Rear Radar features are disabled during Factory Run.
  • Factory Run Items:
    • New Item: Siren: Look out ahead! Karts that the Racer collides into will temporarily skid and spin around.
      Siren Icon KartRider Drift
    • Potential Racer Items: Siren, Angel Armor, Missile, Water Bomb, and Water Wisp.
    • Potential Android-Racer Items: Siren, Banana, Boost, and Shield.
    • Potential Android-AI Items: Siren, Barricade, and Water Bomb.

Other Changes

  • (PC Only) The Friends List in the Social UI now displays 10 friends (up from 7).
  • Lucid's rosy cheeks have been nerfed, and are now slightly less rosy.
    Old Lucid Blush KartRider Drift New Lucid Blush KartRider Drift
  • (Xbox/PlayStation Only) Launching KartRider: Drift for the first time will now show the Terms of Service based on the region you are logging in from, not the language that is currently set.
  • K-COIN price for the following regions have changed, to remain in line with current exchange rates: Colombia (COP), Egypt (EGP), Hungary (HUF), Nigeria (NGN), Norway (NOK), South Africa (ZAR), and United Kingdom (GBP).
  • K-COIN purchase is now available for the following regions, all using USD currency: Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, and Uruguay.
  • Premium Racing Pass now appears more prominently in the Item Shop.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a list of scheduled Item Shop updates was erroneously appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where the white focus border would disappear and becoming uncontrollable when the left of the two controls in Setting is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where your livery decal may erroneously appear on another Racer's kart.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gear Gauge color appeared red when applying Gears immediately after reset.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gauge sound would continue playing when skipping the Grand Prix promotion/demotion screen.
  • 718 Boxster and 911 Turbo S Cabriolet karts: Fixed an issue where some kart decals would fail to appear properly.
  • Midnight Wave kart: Fixed an issue where track collision motion and track collisions would fail to register when racing with this kart.
  • Mine: Three Shortcuts: Fixed an issue where transparent objects would appear on the track.
  • Mine: Winding Slopes: Fixed an issue with karts colliding with the guardrail and falling when passing a shortcut with "Edge Guardrails" enabled.
  • World Tour: London Night: Fixed an issue where using the R key on certain parts of the track to respawn would have you respawn just in front of the finish line.
  • World Tour: Rio de Ja-nitro: Fixed an issue where transparent objects would appear in the tent section of the track.
  • (PC Only) Fixed an issue where the final event UI would be cut off when there are at least 5 active event UIs appearing in-game.
  • (PC Only) Fixed an issue where some B1 and L3 missions would become unselectable when scrolled down to with the mouse wheel.
  • (Android Only) Fixed an issue with the Back button not functioning in the Claim Coupon item pop-up after using the coupon in-game.
  • (Mobile Only) Fixed an issue with Item and Speed Mode Record font settings being incorrect when entering the Grand Prix Record menu without having played Grand Prix.
  • (Spanish/Portuguese Only) Fixed an issue where Korean text would appear in the Claim Coupon Item pop-up.