Racing Pass

Complete Challenges, Earn Rewards

Karts, characters, boosters, and more!

Season 4 Racing Pass Rewards

  • Rabbit Hole Miso The villainous Miso appeared from the future to bring misery and misfortune to our world.
    "Join my crew or you'll have nothing left to smile about!"
  • Cute Spirit Kid The sound of a small bell seems to follow Spirit Kid wherever she walks.
    "Do you hear something? It reminds me of something familiar..."
  • Devil Hunter Orion Orion had no trouble slaying all the devils he could find.
    "That performance should bring up my score!"
  • Cat-o'-Lantern Tobi Tobi masterfully disguises himself as his favorite gourd.
    "Hard to tell where the pumpkin ends and the Tobi begins, eh?"
  • Count Draky After countless years honing his occult skills, Draky has finally made a breakthrough.
    "Finally! Now, I shall be able to save her from the icy grip of death!"

TransylfusionThis coffin broke free from the graveyard
for one last joyride.

Black BatA terrifying screech shatters the silent darkness
whenever this kart races around corners.

White ShroudA classic car that's perfect for zooming around in style!
Mind the corners, this kart doesn't have any!

Eclipse AlphaThis hover kart utilizes Hexnium
to leap through time, space, and the finish line!

Level Up

Earn trophies to level up your racing pass and earn new rewards. Premium Racing Pass owners unlock additional daily and weekly challenges.


Racing Pass

Complete challenges, earn trophies, unlock rewards.
Challenges reset every day at 12:00 AM UTC.

  • Rabbit Hole Miso

  • 500 Lucci

    Tiera Congratulations

  • Count Banana

    While You Sleep

  • 1000 Lucci

  • Transylfusion

    Blue Sprint Wheels

  • Transylfusion License Plate

    50 K-COIN

  • 1000 Lucci

  • 500 Lucci

    Tiera Cry

  • Candy Smack Sophia

  • Cute Spirit Kid

    Shocking Bat Tire Mark

  • Bloody Bat Booster

    1000 Lucci

  • 500 Lucci

    Affectionate (Spirit Kid/Seated)

  • Angry (Spirit Kid/Seated)

    2000 Lucci

  • Tiera Let's Go!

    50 K-COIN

  • Black Bat

  • 50 K-COIN

    Black Bat License Plate

  • Let's Find Some Humans!

    Showboat (Spirit Kid/Seated)

  • Draky Balloon x10

    Shovel Master

  • Dark Soul Booster

  • Surprised (Spirit Kid/Seated)

    Devil Hunter Orion

  • 500 Lucci

    Bored (Spirit Kid/Seated)

  • Keffy Emblem


  • Amused (Spirit Kid/Seated)

    2000 Lucci

  • 1000 Lucci

    Affectionate (Spirit Kid)

  • White Shroud

    2000 Lucci

  • 100 K-COIN

  • White Shroud License Plate

    Spirit Kid Emblem

  • 1000 Lucci

    2000 Lucci

  • Angry (Spirit Kid)

    Showboat (Spirit Kid)

  • Cat-o'-Lantern Tobi

  • Surprised (Spirit Kid)

    Bored (Spirit Kid)

  • 1000 Lucci

    Graveyard Cake

  • Amused (Spirit Kid)

    Applaud (Spirit Kid)

  • 2000 Lucci

    Dance (Spirit Kid)

  • Jack-o'-Lantern Balloon x10

  • Draky and Friends

    3000 Lucci

  • 50 K-COIN

    3000 Lucci

  • Tiera Awkward

    5000 Lucci

  • Eclipse Alpha License Plate

  • Count Draky

    Eclipse Alpha

Racing Pass

More challenges, more rewards.
Receive 100 Trophies instantly with the Premium Racing Pass Package.

Rabbit Hole Miso and Eclipse Alpha

Unlock Miso and her signature kart
by completing the Premium Racing Pass.

Racing Pass FAQ

  • Yes! Every racer in KartRider: Drift can use the Normal Racing Pass for free.

  • It's a paid season pass that gives more Challenges and rewards.
    Challenge the premium missions that are added to the Daily/Weekly Challenges and get rewards that are only in the Premium Racing Pass!

  • You go to the Racing Pass page within the game and use K-COIN to purchase it.
    Launch the game and purchase the Premium Racing Pass!
    You can purchase K-COIN from the Shop tab.

  • You do that with the Trophies you get upon completing the Challenges.
    The amount of Trophies you can get differ according to the difficulty of the Challenges. Some Challenges can only be completed in certain modes.
    You will get Lucci instead of Trophies if you complete the Challenges after having reached the max level for your Racing Pass.

  • There are various Challenges such as finishing a race or driving in a certain mode.
    Level up your Racing Pass by clearing the missions that are provided daily and weekly!
    Daily Challenges: These missions reset daily at 12:00 AM UTC. Weekly Challenges: These missions reset weekly every Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC. Event Challenges (during the season): These missions are provided weekly every Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC. * Daily/Weekly Challenges are provided additionally to players who purchase the Premium Racing Pass. Purchase a Premium Racing Pass to get even more missions and rewards. * Each challenge can only be completed during the season.

  • You can buy Racing Pass levels with K-COIN.
    There is also the Premium Racing Pass Package that gives 100 Trophies immediately!

  • You cannot purchase the Premium Racing Pass Package after purchasing the Premium Racing Pass.

  • Even if you purchase the Premium Racing Pass in the middle of the season,
    you will get all the premium rewards corresponding to the current season level.
    And you can also do the Premium Challenges that were made available in the previous period.

  • All gameplay data including the Racing Pass is automatically linked between PC/mobile/console platforms.

  • The level is reset every season and does not transfer to the next season.

  • Yes! The Racing Pass rewards you obtained during the season can be used permanently.

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