Racing Pass

Complete Challenges, Earn Rewards

Karts, characters, boosters, and more!

Season 1 Racing Pass Rewards

  • Foreman Brodi Remember: Safety first!
  • Rising Star Pim My face is worth a million Lucci...
  • Snow Town Vivi My kart will keep Snow Tree Town safe and sound!
  • Android Tobi Who are you calling a freak malfunction?!
  • Junior Mechanic Kris I don't get it. Where do I inject the malicious code?
  • Miss Miso My memories... I lost them... in the Legend Cup?

BuzzwheelerFlatten your foes under the wheels of industry!

Macan GTSRemains the sports car of compact SUVs.
The Porsche DNA is recognizable from the sloping roof line.

Intelli-KartThe cutting edge in autonomous driving!
With a kart this smart, who needs a driver?

Midnight WaveThis bass will make your heart pound.
Fill the city night with music!

Level Up

Earn trophies to level up your racing pass and earn
new rewards. Premium Racing Pass owners unlock
additional weekly challenges.


Racing Pass

Complete challenges, earn trophies, unlock rewards.
Challenges reset every day at 0:00 UTC

  • Miss Miso

  • Happy Brodi


  • 500 Lucci

    Happy Pim

  • 1000 Lucci

  • Snow Town Vivi

    Sad Pim

  • Applaud (Vivi)

    50 K-COIN

  • 1000 Lucci

  • Dance (Vivi)

    Applaud (Miso)

  • Dance (Miso)

  • Buzzwheeler

    Foreman Brodi

  • Buzzwheeler License Plate

    1000 Lucci

  • 500 Lucci

    Applaud (Brodi)

  • Sad Brodi

    2000 Lucci

  • 500 Lucci

    Dance (Brodi)

  • 50 K-COIN

  • 50 K-COIN

    Shocked Pim

  • Exhaust Booster

    Dummy Plate

  • Shocked Brodi

    Bluffing Pim

  • Abduction

  • Android Tobi


  • Bluffing Brodi

    Intelli-Kart License Plate

  • 500 Lucci

    Applaud (Sophia)

  • Bored Brodi

    2000 Lucci

  • 1000 Lucci

    Dance (Sophia)

  • 2000 Lucci

  • Lovestruck Brodi

    100 K-COIN

  • 1000 Lucci

    Bored Pim

  • Mad Brodi

    2000 Lucci

  • Love Pim

  • Macan GTS

    Junior Mechanic Kris

  • Like U Stole It

    Thief Plate

  • 1000 Lucci

    Mad Pim

  • Dancing Brodi


  • 2000 Lucci

    Dancing Pim

  • Musical Note Booster

  • Applaud (Pim)

    3000 Lucci

  • 50 K-COIN

    3000 Lucci

  • Dance (Pim)

    5000 Lucci

  • Midnight Wave License Plate

  • Rising Star Pim

    Midnight Wave

Premium Racing Pass

More challenges, more rewards.
Receive 100 Trophies instantly with the Premium Racing Pass Package.

Rising Star Pim Set

Unlock Rising Star Pim and the Night Woofer Kart
by completing both racing passes.

Racing Pass FAQ

  • Yes! Every racer in KartRider: Drift can use the Normal Racing Pass for free.

  • It's a paid season pass that gives more Challenges and rewards.
    Challenge the premium missions that are made available every week and get rewards that are only in the Premium Racing Pass!

  • You go to the Racing Pass page within the game and use K-COIN to purchase it.
    Launch the game and purchase the Premium Racing Pass!
    You can purchase K-COIN from the Shop tab.

  • You do that with the Trophies you get upon completing the Challenges.
    The amount of Trophies you can get differ according to the difficulty of the Challenges. Some Challenges can only be completed in certain modes.
    You will get Lucci instead of Trophies if you complete the Challenges after having reached the max level for your Racing Pass.

  • There are various Challenges such as finishing a race or driving in a certain mode. Daily Challenges: Missions that all racers can participate in. Clear the 3 missions that are provided every day and level up your Racing Pass! * Daily Challenges reset daily at 12:00 AM UTC Premium Challenges: Special missions and rewards are provided to racers who purchased the Premium Racing Pass. Clear the 3 missions that are provided every day and level up your Racing Pass! * Premium Challenges are available every Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC

  • You can buy Racing Pass levels with K-COIN.
    There is also the Premium Racing Pass Package that gives 100 Trophies immediately!

  • You cannot purchase the Premium Racing Pass Package after purchasing the Premium Racing Pass.

  • Even if you purchase the Premium Racing Pass in the middle of the season,
    you will get all the premium rewards corresponding to the current season level.
    And you can also do the Premium Challenges that were made available in the previous period.

  • All gameplay data including the Racing Pass is automatically linked between PC/mobile/console.

  • It is reset every season and does not transfer to the next season.

  • Yes! The Racing Pass rewards you obtained during the season can be used permanently.

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