[Notice] 11/18(Wed) Server Maintenance & Patch Notes



Maintenance has been completed 30 minutes early!

Log in to the game and claim the maintenance compensations.

- Rewards: V4 Maintenance Reward Chest x3

- Distribution Period

Asia(UTC+7)/EU(UTC+1)/West(UTC-8): After maintenance - 11/18(Wed) 23:59

- Please note:

* Rewards are sent to your account mailbox.

* Unreceived rewards will expire in 7 days.




Please note that there will be a server maintenance on 11/18(Wed).

You cannot access the game during the maintenance.


- Update Time:

(UTC+7) 11/18(Wed) 14:00 17:00

(UTC+1) 11/18Wed) 08:00 11:00

(UTC-8) 11/17(Tue) 23:00 11/18(Wed) 02:00



- Update Content


[New Content]

1. New Class [Archer]

1 Free Character Slot given for an Archer Character.


2. New Region [Despaired Forest] Open

Conditions to Enter: 90LV, Alliance Journey Chapter 7 Episode 6 [Bitter Partings] Complete

New Region Boss [Despaired Ruskal]

-       Appearance Time: Every Sunday 20:00 (Server Time) (modified 11/18)

-       Rank Reward: Legendary Earrings. Chaos Seed (Legendary Accessory Crafting Material), Epic Gear(Zikus/Shurion/Fanden), Normal ~ Epic Skillbook Chest, Dark Soulstone

-       Participation Reward: Epic Gear(Brellan), Rare~Epic Demon Stone Chest


3. New Legendary Gear [Eldon Earrings]

How to Acquire: [Despaired Ruskal] Rank 1 Reward

Legendary Gear Stats Officially Disclosed: Magic Enchantment stats


4. Phantom Abyss Dungeon

[Beast’s Void I] Added: Rec. CP 506,000~662,000

[Beast’s Void II] Added: Rec. CP 713,000~813,000

Can acquire Blessed Purifying Water (Legendary > Mythic Soulstone Upgrade Material) and Dark Soulstone Shard (Mythic Soulstone Growth Material)


5. 2 New Gear Slot

New Slots: Bracelet, Armband

How to Acquire: Eliminate Lunatra Elite/Named/Special Named Monster


6. Elite Ring Crafting Recipe

New Recipe to craft Epic Ring using Rare Ring, Epic Ring Crafting Manual as materials

Production > Crafting > Polishing


Epic Ring includes 1 Soulstone slot that can equip all types of Soulstones.

[Hidden Ring Crafting Manual] Crafting recipe added: use [Wisdom Crafting Manual] also obtainable from Despaired Forest

-       Production > Crafting > Alchemy


7. Epic Demon Stone Chest and Epic Demon Stone Choice Chest Polishing

Can craft Epic Demon Stone Chest, Epic Demon Stone Choice Chest using Epic Demon Stone and new Elixir

-       Equipped Epic Demon Stones can be used as material only after being removed from gear.


8. Epic Demon Stone Chest Polishing

Can craft through Polishing using Evenfall Essence (Bought from Shop)


9. Mythic Soulstone Choice Chest Recipe

Definitive Mystic Soulstone Crafting Manual (Bound) x10


10. Lunatra Region Modifications

All Lunatra Conflict Regions are changed to Chaotic Regions


11. Blessed Purifying Water Polishing

Blessed Soul Tome x10 + Shining Purifying Water x1 + Purifying Water x10 to Craft Blessed Purifying Water(Bound)

-       Blessed Soul Tome: Can acquire from Lunatra Despaired Forest CP 500,000 and above regions


[System Improvements]

1. Item Set Improvement

Changed to Account-shared system

-       [Level Reward] Collection is bound to character


2. Storable Items Changed


-       Untradable Demon Stones

-       Tracker’s Medal

-       Zikus Recovery Ring(Bound), Shurion Resistance Ring(Bound), Fanden Defense Ring(Bound)

-       Sage Ring Enhance Sroll (Bound), Sage Medal Enhance Scroll (Bound)

-       Wisdom Crafting Manual (Bound), Hidden Ring Crafting Manual (Bound)