[Patch Notes] 9/1(Wed) Update Patch Notes




1.      New Class Reaper

·         The Reaper is a mid-range dealer class that uses a lance and scythe.

n  The ‘Reaper’ will dominate the battlefield with a special weapon that transform based on its 11 skills.

·         New Item Sets on the new class ‘Reaper’.

n  20 [Normal Gear]

n  20 [Fine Gear]

n  54 [Rare Gear]

n  63 [Rare Defense Gear]

n  16 [Epic Gear]


2.      Skill Mastery System

·         ‘Skill Mastery’ system is added to allow you to develop skills using Skillbooks.

·         Skill ATK increases when raising skill mastery level.

n  Unlock Condition: Skill Mastery of each grade is unlocked when reaching 20 LV in more than 1 of each grade’s active skill. 

­       The Skill Mastery effect of each grade is applied to the grade’s active skill (skills that have Skill ATK) and affect skills that are not 20 LV yet too.

n  Where to find: [Main Menu] > [Skill Mastery] or [Main Menu] > [Skill] > [Skill Mastery]

* You can use skillbooks of skills that are not 20 LV yet or additional effect skillbooks that you have not acquired as Skill Mastery materials.

* Skill Mastery effects are applied to skills under 20 LV, and the effect of mastered skills is applied following each grade.


3.      New Legendary Class Skill

·         Legendary Class Skills are added to all classes.

·         Where to acquire: [Land of Evenfall] > ‘Dusky Blockade’ and ‘Dusky Ridge’ of [Dusky Snowfield]

* You can only acquire skillbooks in [Land of Evenfall] and cannot get additional effect skillbooks. (Will be changed to attainable in the future)

n  Slayer – Raging Tsunami

n  Enchantress – Infernal Reception

n  Gunslinger – Fiery Apostle

n  Knight – Steely Resolve

n  Warlord – Cosmic Turmoil

n  Boomblade – Wishful Thinking

n  Archer – Turmoil’s End

n  Assassin – Capital Punishment

n  Maestro – End of Solitude

n  Reaper – Punishing Thunderclap

4. Other

l  Belietta HP of Tharsi Server is increased.