[Updated 12/15] [Notice] 12/1(Wed) Update Patch Notes




1.     Class Change System Added

·         Now you can change your character class and still retain certain character data (e.g. level, EXP, demon stone imprint, unlocked potential), your currently equipped gear, and your skills.

n  Location: V4 Shop > Change Class

n  Targets: Characters at Level 100 or above

(7 times per account and once per character within the period)

[Important] If you have usable Restoration Tickets, please use them and restore your gear, so you can exchange it for the one that matches your new class after the class change.

·         If you change your class during an advancement quest which will be updated later, the quest will be reset.

[Important] If you reset your advancement quest progress, it can't be restored.

·         Class Change Period: After 12/01 ~ 12/15 00:00

·         Class Change Cost: 1,000 Red Gems

n  The class change itself costs 1,000 Red Gems. It will cost extra to exchange gear and skills.

·         Reset/Retained/Exchanged Content upon Class Change




Reset Content


Used points will be returned.

Character Appearance

You will get 1 Appearance Mod Ticket upon class change.


If you change your class, you won’t be able to use outfits for your previous class anymore. They'll be instantly unequipped, and can only be used for characters of the corresponding class.

Advancement Quests

When you change your class, your current advancement quest will be reset.

Retained Content

Level, EXP, Skill Mastery, Unlocked Potential,

Demon Stone Imprint Levels, Demon Stone Imprint, Production (Level),

Constellation Presets, Skill Sets, Research,

Item Sets

You will retain your Skill Mastery information, but it won't be activated after the class change if you don't have the highest-leveled skill at the corresponding grade.

Advanced Weapon Appearances

You will get 1 Advanced Weapon Appearance upon class change.

Exchanged Content

6 Advanced Epic or Better Class-Specific Gear

(Main Weapon, Sub Weapon, Armor, Gloves, Shoes, and Cloak)

Only 1 piece of equipped gear can be exchanged per type.

- The exchange costs extra (Red Gems).

- The existing enhancement/enchantment stages, potential, soulstone expansion, and trading attributes will be retained.

Skill Development Info

You can change your skills to your new class skills depending on their development information.

- The exchange costs extra (Red Gems).

n  Gear Exchange