12/15(Wed) Update Patch Notes




1.     Lunatra Realm 'Bloodbath Field' (Pre-Season)

·         Lunatra Realm ‘Bloodbath Field’ is matched among server groups once in a certain period.

n  How to Enter

­       Pay 20 Red Gems in [Menu] > [Lunatra] > [Lunatra Realm] > [Bloodbath Field] to enter directly

­       [Dimensional Boundary] > [Lunatra Dimensional Gate] > [Lunatra Realm] > [Bloodbath Realm]

n  Entry Time: Every Saturday/Sunday 10:00 – 21:00

n  How to Unlock: Complete Alliance Journey Chapter 10 Episode 5 'Birth of a Legend'

n  Rec. CP: 2,100,000 / 2,600,000

n  Main Rewards: Sacred Eldon Gear (Armor, Gloves, Shoes, Cloak), Eldon Main Weapon, Eldon Sub Weapon, Eldon Crystal, (Legendary) Royal Family’s Holy Grail, (Epic) Goddess’s Guide, Punisher’s Demon Stone Essence, Judge’s Demon Stone Essence, Soulstone Slot Expansion Scroll, Weapon/Defense Gear/Accessory/Artifact Wisdom Source, Weapon/Defense Gear/Accessory/Artifact Awakening Core

·         (Pre-Season) Lunatra Realm Management

n  Lunatra Realm ‘Bloodbath Field’ will be run as pre-season until a separate notice is posted.

n  There may be procedural improvements and content modifications during pre-season.

·         [Lunatra Realm Special Named Monster: Kryield, Razif]