2/10(Thu) Non-Maintenance Data Patch





A non-maintenance data patch to fix an issue is complete.

The data patch does not affect gameplay, and changes are reflected when restarting the game.


- Patch Time:

(UTC+7) 2/10(Thu) 19:30

(UTC+1) 2/10(Thu) 03:30

(UTC-8) 2/9(Wed) 19:30


- Patch Content:

1. Error that Eldons Vessel/Crystal crafting material (bound) item name is shown in Korean is fixed.

2. New Bracelet/Armband Sale Pack purchase limit and sale period is changed.

> Purchase Limit: Changed from 2 times a week to 2 times per account

> Sale Period: Changed to permanent sale

! Known Issue: Sale end date in the Shop is erroneously shown as 2/23(Wed).


Thank you.