[Notice] 8/26(Wed) Maintenance Notice & Patch Notes



Maintenance has been completed!

Log in to the game and claim the maintenance compensations.

- Rewards: 

V4 Maintenance Reward Chest x4

Soul Shard x100

- Distribution Period

Asia(UTC+7)/EU(UTC+1)/West(UTC-8): After maintenance - 8/26(Wed) 23:59

- Please note:

* Rewards are sent to your account mailbox.

* Unreceived rewards will expire in 7 days.


Maintenance has been extended 1H 30M.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 




Please note that there will be a server maintenance on 8/26(Wed).

You cannot access the game during the maintenance.


- Update Time:

(UTC+7) 8/26(Wed) 14:00 16:30 18:00

(UTC+1) 8/26(Wed) 08:00 10:30 12:00

(UTC-8) 8/25(Tue) 23:00 8/26(Wed) 01:30 03:00


- Update Content


[New Content]


1. Syllunas [Viten Highlands], Lunatra [Highlands of Illusion] field, region boss added


Viten Highlands added to Syllunas.
- Region boss [Falvinia] appears at server time 22:00, and recommended CP is 251,000.

- Alliance Journey Quest Chapter 7 and Viten Highlands Request Log are added.


Highlands of Illusion added to Lunatra.
- Region boss [Illusory Falvinia] appears at server time 22:00, and recommended CP is 454,000.
- Can enter after completing [Alliance Journey Ch7 Ep2 - To the Lord’s Castle].


2. New Phantom Abyss

You can acquire Dark Soulstones in the new Phantom Abyss dungeons.

Merchant’s Wish I
- Can enter after completing Alliance Journey Ch7 Ep1 – Plight of the Refugees

Merchant’s Wish II
Can enter after completing Alliance Journey Ch7 Ep3 – The Heart of Zikus


3. New Demon Conquest

New region [Frigid Snowfield Stage 1~5] added.
- Can enter after reaching Character level 68.

Stage 6, 7 are added to original regions.

Rewards for Demon Conquest now include Dark Imprint Stones to match the recommended CP.


4. 2 New Gear Slots

You can acquire 2 new Gears by eliminating monsters in the new fields, Viten Highlands and Highlands of Illusion at a certain chance.


5. 2 New Demon Stone Imprint Pages

Falvinia, Illusory Falvinia Pages added.
- With the Imprint page additions, Falvinia/Illusory Falvinia items are added to the Demon stone shop.


6. New Companion

You can acquire the new companion in the Shop and through Companion combining.


7. Dark Imprint Stone, Cloak Crafting Recipe added

Cloak crafting materials can be acquired by eliminating monsters in Viten Highlands and Highlands of Illusion.

Dark Imprint Stones are used to imprint higher level Demon Slates, and can be acquired from certain fields and conquests.


8. 3 Soulstones newly dropped from field.





Vigilance Soulstone

Crit Hit Resistance / PVP DEF


Impervious Soulstone

Parry / HP


Will Soulstone



[Shop Addition]

1. Mileage Items added.

Rare/Epic Companion Contract (Including New region Companion) item added.


[Game Balance Improvement]

1. Brellan Gear are dropped more often when eliminating Named monsters in Dekus Volcano and Ruinous Volcano.

2. Certain Region Conquest rewards improved.

Region Conquests below provide Dark Imprint Stones.
- Syllunas: Dekus Volcano
- Lunatra: Ruinous Volcano
- Phantom Abysss: Girl’s Nightmare


[UI Improvement]

1. (Russian) UI of below screens are improved.
- Item selection improved
- Demon conquest map text improved
- Send Companion button text improved
- [PC] Event tab screen ratio improved
- Gear Enhancement random stat text improved
- Gear Enhancement result text improved
- Talents text scrolling improved
- Map party info text improved
- Region Map quest text improved