The KartRider: Drift Preseason Begins!
Jan 12, 2023 43,388

Preseason Events KartRider Drift

Welcome to the KartRider: Drift Preseason! Racers from around the world can hop in their karts and hit the tracks on Steam, Nexon Launcher, Android, and iOS devices. There are no more resets or progress wipes from here on out!

Pick between 16 characters and 25 karts and go for gold in Speed Mode or battle against your friends in Item Mode. You can unlock new appearances for the characters, customize your karts with new additions and custom-made decals, and more. If you're new to KartRider: Drift, take a look at the Game Introduction Page to learn more about this new kart racer!

Preseason is getting a hot start with loads of events and chances to earn loot! The first KartRider: Drift Racing Pass is available now with a suite of rewards to earn as you rise through the ranks. The Item Shop is also open for business with a smokin' collection of gear to deck out your ride, available for purchase with K-COIN and Lucci! Lastly, keep a lookout for events to load you up with even more loot to kick off Preseason in style!

Claim Your Preseason Racing Pass!

Preseason Racing Pass Update KartRider Drift

Preseason is here, and there's a Racing Pass for you to complete for a wide array of prizes. Work your way through the 40 levels of the Racing Pass and claim a variety of rewards including Lucci, K-COIN, Emotes, Characters, Karts, and more!

Learn more at the Preseason Season Pass post!

Welcome to the Item Shop!

January 11 Item Shop Update KartRider Drift

The Item Shop is open for business! In addition to a wide variety of items purchasable with Lucci (earned from events or by playing) and K-COIN (premium currency), there are four packages that can be purchased with Lucci right now and the Livery First Step Package is available for purchase with K-COIN!

Learn more at the Welcome to the Item Shop post!

Preseason Events!

Preseason Events Update KartRider Drift

Preseason is kicking off with a pair of events to boost your Lucci stores and giving you a shiny new Kart to race!!

Learn more at the Preseason Events post!

Closed Beta Reward Distribution

We've been working for a long time on KartRider: Drift, and you've been along for the ride through each beta test. As thanks for your help and your endless patience, we're distributing the Closed Beta rewards to everyone who logs into KartRider: Drift until further notice!

CBT License Plate Mine Cart Kart Pit Chief Brodi Closed Beta Rewards KartRider Drift

  • Closed Beta 1 Reward: CBT License Plate
  • Closed Beta 2 Reward: Mine Cart
  • Closed Beta 3 Reward: Pit Chief Brodi

These rewards have been sent to the in-game Mailbox. Please make sure you claim your rewards promptly with your first login to KartRider: Drift, as all items sent to the in-game Mailbox expire after 30 days.

Note: While Racers who participated in Closed Beta 2 were promised a White Cloud Balloon item, this has been changed to the Mine Cart Kart. We appreciate your understanding.

Model Student Diz and Special Platform Item Distribution

We're also distributing Model Student Diz and the Special Platform Items mentioned in this post. If you didn't pre-register, no need to worry: Model Student Diz will be granted to everyone that logs into KartRider: Drift until further notice! The Special Platform Items will also be available to anyone that logs into KartRider: Drift on each individual platform, and Xbox and PlayStation rewards will be claimable when KartRider: Drift arrives on those consoles.

These items will be sent to your Mailbox upon logging into KartRider: Drift for the first time. Please claim them promptly, as all items sent to the in-game Mailbox expire after 30 days. Note that only the Steam, Nexon Launcher, Apple iOS, and Android platform awards are available at this time.